When people look at scholars, it is usually hard to believe that they would be individuals who could be hooked on drugs. It can be said that it is a usual practice for scholars to want to experiment with every substance which they come in contact with.

It is a known fact that drugs have an adverse effect on the health of an individual, and the extent to which they are taken, determines the degree of the effect.

Drugs have the capacity to change the mindset of an individual, and when it is taken in excess quantity, it can make the person in question come down with mental health problems. On the other hand, drugs can be used proficiently to come about a good state of health, and this is when it is used responsibly.

Studies has shown that scholars who use drugs use it for a good number of reasons, one of them being that they want to step-up their game. A scholar would want to use drugs so that his mental power and mental capacity would increase. There is a substance abuse recovery program available for most cases, and more information is also available through the government.

They are of the opinion that using drugs would make them go beyond the limits which their minds have set. Also, it gives them a form of distinction between the common man and them.

Hence, if you see a scholar who has a ground-breaking discovery, there is a 50% chance that the individual must have been aided by the influence of certain drugs, as it gives them the opportunity to breed inspired ideas, which would help them to achieve certain feats.

Scholars do not like staying at a particular level, they are often of the believe that there is more to what they can achieve, and hence, they would want to be successful in various acts from time to time.

Also, drugs are known to give scholars solace, especially during periods when they find it hard to relate with other people because of their intelligence. These people do not basically gain from the society when it comes to certain innovations, as it is the society which stands to gain a lot from them.

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