Drugs basically are toxic to the health, but the degree to which they are taken actually determines the extent of the effect. They have the ability to affect the mind and when taken in excess can lead to issues with the mental health. However, drugs can be used effectively to stay healthy and it depends on how responsibly it is used. Using drugs require the utmost level of control and responsibility in order not to misuse which can further deteriorate the health. There are various reasons why people use drugs, some use it for health purpose and others use it for pleasure and body desires.
Research has shown that great minds use drugs for neutrality purpose. They use drugs to enhance their level of mental power and intelligence. They experiment with drugs in order to exceed the limitations of their minds. Drugs gives them more opportunity to inspired ideas and also makes them focused in achieving a great feat. It widens the intellectual capacity of the brain, and enables them to venture into unimaginable areas their normal mind power cannot take them to.
Similarly, intelligent people always have the mindset of venturing into and overcoming new challenges in order to have a feeling of individual development and growth. They get tired of staying at a particular level, and want to break new grounds of success. Trying to improve their mind abilities may spur them to take drugs and other intellect enhancing substances.
Smart people have a deeper understanding of drugs because they have a higher capacity for learning and they also examine objects critically. They are willing to delve further into the study of a particular substance, and try to experiment by contrasting philosophies and theories that exists about the substance. There are drugs that are considered forbidden to use and prohibited by the law but people with brilliant minds would still endeavor to know why such drugs are considered harmful. It is acceptable to say that they have a strong will to know more.
Also, drug provides solace for genius minds when they find it hard to relate with other people or peers because of their level of intelligence. They seek comfort in the use of drugs because the society at large are not at par with them on their degree of brainpower. Brilliant people have little or nothing to gain from the society as regards innovations and ideas, instead, they are the ones that contribute immensely to the development of the society through the vast knowledge they have acquired.

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