One of the major challenges of a scholar is dealing with stress and when they get the handle on this, it would be easier to put your life in order, irrespective of the challenges that come. The stress that a scholar faces stems from both physical and mental aspects, and it is important to tackle […]

The integrating of healthy habits into your lifestyle as a scholar is one of the best ways to create a constant healthy pattern that would make you the best version of yourself. Definitely, there will be ups and downs in your journey to being a renowned scholar, but what happens is how well you treat […]

Drugs basically are toxic to the health, but the degree to which they are taken actually determines the extent of the effect. They have the ability to affect the mind and when taken in excess can lead to issues with the mental health. However, drugs can be used effectively to stay healthy and it depends […]

Drug use does not make a person lesser; irresponsible drug use does. There are a number of holistic, naturally occurring drugs that can be used responsibly and to useful effects by those who have a healthy amount of respect for them. Responsible drug use requires intelligence, awareness and good decision making, which highly intelligent people […]

It is widely publicized that throughout history, a number of our most brilliant minds have taken to experimenting with mind altering substances for a time. This certainly does not go in line with our North American war on drugs mentality, which informs us that only low lives use drugs. The truth of the matter is, […]

People do not tend to think of brilliant scientists and inventors as drug users, but they would be mistaken. It is a common trend among intellectual minds to be experimental with substances. This has been a noted pattern through out history. This blog does not take a stance on whether it is right or wrong […]