One of the major challenges of a scholar is dealing with stress and when they get the handle on this, it would be easier to put your life in order, irrespective of the challenges that come. The stress that a scholar faces stems from both physical and mental aspects, and it is important to tackle them effectively so that they would not weigh you down.

  • Look forward to the positives: As a scholar, the last thing you need is thinking of negatives. It is necessary for you to anticipate more positive events in your life; they will always leave you thrilled. It should not compulsorily be a big event, it could be a date to the movies, or a visit to a friend’s place.
  • Exercise regularly: One of the best ways to deal with stress is to exercise on a regular basis. If you do not exercise regularly, there is a tendency for you to wear out quickly after studying for a few hours. People who do not exercise regularly are likely to show mild signs of mental health problems like anxiety and depression.
  • Hang out with support systems: As a scholar, one of the best assets you can have, is having people who are supportive surrounding you. You should not be found around pessimistic people because they can discourage you from achieving your goal. And one thing about negative thoughts are, they can flush out any remainder of positive thought you have.
  • Do not compare yourself with others: It is important to avoid doing this, and the earlier you understand that we have our own uniqueness, the better. We all have different paths to tread in this life, so our journeys are unique. Comparing yourself to someone is a big distraction from your life’s dreams and purpose.
  • Understand your environment: When you understand how your environment works, it would be easier for you to thrive and perform excellently well.

The integrating of healthy habits into your lifestyle as a scholar is one of the best ways to create a constant healthy pattern that would make you the best version of yourself. Definitely, there will be ups and downs in your journey to being a renowned scholar, but what happens is how well you treat each challenge.

Below are some health tips that you would find useful as a scholar:

  • Make sure your living space is always clean: It is a good habit for you to always keep your living space clean. You might not be aware but the state of your living space determines to a good extent how well you will be able to study.

Always make sure that your items are properly arranged and everything is in order. Proper arrangement of things has a positive effect on our mental health.

  • Get good hours of sleep: As a scholar, you need to understand that your time for sleeping should not be tampered with every time. It is okay to cut down on the time spent on leisure, but do not touch the time meant for sleeping. You should sleep for a minimum of 7 hours each night.

Your body and brain needs the best of revitalization it can get, and it is great not to deny yourself of this opportunity.

  • Exercise and remain active: As a scholar, you need to make exercise a good part of your routine. You should take part in various exercises that are targeted towards building your muscles and bones, and making your body fit. Sitting for long to study is not good enough, and you need to get active from time to time.
  • Eat good food and cut down on snacks: Truth be told, even though snacks are faster to get and taste more delicious, they are not entirely good for our body. You need to eat more nutritious diet that would keep your body in a great shape. A good diet is good for your brain and it helps you become smart and mentally balanced.  

When people look at scholars, it is usually hard to believe that they would be individuals who could be hooked on drugs. It can be said that it is a usual practice for scholars to want to experiment with every substance which they come in contact with.

It is a known fact that drugs have an adverse effect on the health of an individual, and the extent to which they are taken, determines the degree of the effect.

Drugs have the capacity to change the mindset of an individual, and when it is taken in excess quantity, it can make the person in question come down with mental health problems. On the other hand, drugs can be used proficiently to come about a good state of health, and this is when it is used responsibly.

Studies has shown that scholars who use drugs use it for a good number of reasons, one of them being that they want to step-up their game. A scholar would want to use drugs so that his mental power and mental capacity would increase. There is a substance abuse recovery program available for most cases, and more information is also available through the government.

They are of the opinion that using drugs would make them go beyond the limits which their minds have set. Also, it gives them a form of distinction between the common man and them.

Hence, if you see a scholar who has a ground-breaking discovery, there is a 50% chance that the individual must have been aided by the influence of certain drugs, as it gives them the opportunity to breed inspired ideas, which would help them to achieve certain feats.

Scholars do not like staying at a particular level, they are often of the believe that there is more to what they can achieve, and hence, they would want to be successful in various acts from time to time.

Also, drugs are known to give scholars solace, especially during periods when they find it hard to relate with other people because of their intelligence. These people do not basically gain from the society when it comes to certain innovations, as it is the society which stands to gain a lot from them.

Drugs basically are toxic to the health, but the degree to which they are taken actually determines the extent of the effect. They have the ability to affect the mind and when taken in excess can lead to issues with the mental health. However, drugs can be used effectively to stay healthy and it depends on how responsibly it is used. Using drugs require the utmost level of control and responsibility in order not to misuse which can further deteriorate the health. There are various reasons why people use drugs, some use it for health purpose and others use it for pleasure and body desires.
Research has shown that great minds use drugs for neutrality purpose. They use drugs to enhance their level of mental power and intelligence. They experiment with drugs in order to exceed the limitations of their minds. Drugs gives them more opportunity to inspired ideas and also makes them focused in achieving a great feat. It widens the intellectual capacity of the brain, and enables them to venture into unimaginable areas their normal mind power cannot take them to.
Similarly, intelligent people always have the mindset of venturing into and overcoming new challenges in order to have a feeling of individual development and growth. They get tired of staying at a particular level, and want to break new grounds of success. Trying to improve their mind abilities may spur them to take drugs and other intellect enhancing substances.
Smart people have a deeper understanding of drugs because they have a higher capacity for learning and they also examine objects critically. They are willing to delve further into the study of a particular substance, and try to experiment by contrasting philosophies and theories that exists about the substance. There are drugs that are considered forbidden to use and prohibited by the law but people with brilliant minds would still endeavor to know why such drugs are considered harmful. It is acceptable to say that they have a strong will to know more.
Also, drug provides solace for genius minds when they find it hard to relate with other people or peers because of their level of intelligence. They seek comfort in the use of drugs because the society at large are not at par with them on their degree of brainpower. Brilliant people have little or nothing to gain from the society as regards innovations and ideas, instead, they are the ones that contribute immensely to the development of the society through the vast knowledge they have acquired.

drug use intelligent peopleDrug use does not make a person lesser; irresponsible drug use does. There are a number of holistic, naturally occurring drugs that can be used responsibly and to useful effects by those who have a healthy amount of respect for them. Responsible drug use requires intelligence, awareness and good decision making, which highly intelligent people normally possess. The commonly observed traits of a responsible drug user are that they use experimentally, objectively and with restraint.

Not everyone uses drugs experimentally. This term is used mistakenly in many situations. Many people use drugs because of peer pressure, and others yet try drugs simply because they are bored. To legitimately use drugs experimentally indicates a particular level of intelligence. Experimentation, in the truest sense of the word, means you are using drugs in order to learn, putting yourself in the role of test subject. This is a trait of genius drug users.

Objectivity in drug use is another important way of approaching drug use like a genius does. Brilliant minds use drugs so long as they are increasing their intellect and perspective. The people who give drug use a bad name do so in part by using drugs for mere entertainment, or because they have become dependent on them. A brilliant mind is self aware and objective enough to recognize when this is beginning to happen to it, and will initiate restraint. People of high intelligence do not expect to be able to control the effects of a mind-altering drug. Instead, they experiment with them objectively and respond to them according to the effects that they have on them.

Lastly, a brilliant mind only uses drugs to the extent that they are useful to them. Drugs are highly unpredictable. They are known to effect different people in very different ways. A mind altering drug can have one type of effect on one person and a completely different type of effect on another. Highly intelligent people monitor their own reactions to drugs in order to understand how to use it, or how to discontinue it. For some, this may mean heavy use and for others it may mean sporadic use.

biologist physicist scientist inventorThe idea that drug use solely represents an out of control lifestyle is a misconception. The stereotype that society holds to is that drug users are throw away people who are a detriment to society. Yet no one in their right mind would accuse Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein of these character flaws. Yet all of them experimented with mind altering substances. This should tell us something about why people use drugs, and what kinds of people use drugs. Through out history, a wide range of brilliant inventors, medical scientists, physicists and biologists have been known to experiment with mind altering substances.

Inventors, such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison historically accredited the ideas for some of their inventions to drug revelations. All three used drugs for a time for the purpose of expanding their minds. Steve Jobs in particular was quoted as saying that LSD was a great decision for him to use as it lead to the concepts behind numerous Apple products. These are three brilliant men who made enormous contributions to society and broke the stereotype of the useless drug user.

Medical scientists, such as Francis Crick, Kary Mullis and William Stewart Halsted used mind-altering substances as well. Many people do not understand that medical sciences require some element of creative thinking. So much is unknown about medical science that it often takes some imagination to align different possibilities in order to test them for accuracy. This gift of imagination and experimentation is what draws medical scientists to drugs.

brilliant people and drugsIt is widely publicized that throughout history, a number of our most brilliant minds have taken to experimenting with mind altering substances for a time. This certainly does not go in line with our North American war on drugs mentality, which informs us that only low lives use drugs. The truth of the matter is, experimentation with drugs is frequently a staple of an expansive, genius mind. Imagination and experimentation are essential to brilliance, and imagination and experimentation are often found in people who use drugs, at least for a time. Experimentation with drugs is a sign of curiosity, not of reprobate.

The reason that drug use and brilliance often go together is that the intelligent mind recognizes its own limitations and pushes to exceed them. A consistent measure of intelligence is the breadth of scope one possesses, and scope is often discovered by working at seeing outside of your own perspective. There are a number of cognitive-behavioral ways of going about this, such as reading material to inform yourself of things you are not aware of, engaging in conversation and social interaction with people who are not like you, and so on. Then there are more alternative ways of broadening your perspective.

One of the trademarks of mind altering drugs is that they take you to a head space that you could not achieve on your own. Many people’s experiences of using drugs involves accessing parts of the brain that are usually closed off, as well as thinking and feeling in a way that is atypical to your normal thought patterns. Brilliant minds seek these rare experiences as a means of breaking down the walls of their own limited perceptions. They seldom become addicts or substance abusers because they are self aware enough to recognize how their mind falters if they overuse the substance. Thus is the relationship that geniuses have with mind altering drugs.

geniuses on drugsPeople do not tend to think of brilliant scientists and inventors as drug users, but they would be mistaken. It is a common trend among intellectual minds to be experimental with substances. This has been a noted pattern through out history. This blog does not take a stance on whether it is right or wrong to use mind-altering substances, but merely points out that it has been an observable behavior in more than one of our greatest minds.

A number of inventors and engineers, including Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison were known to experiment with mind-altering substances. Steve Jobs even went as far as to say that his use of acid was responsible for the thought patterns that lead to some of his most celebrated Apple creations.

The geniuses of the medical sciences are also known to have had their share of drug experimentation. Medical scientists such as Francis Crick, Kary Mullis and William Stewart Halsted all had points during their lives when they dabbled in drug use. Francis Crick confirmed that he was on acid when he made important discoveries concerning the nature of DNA.

And lastly, a number of notable physicists and biologists, some of the most far reaching of the scientific minds, admitted to drug use at some point in their professions. Scientists such as Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman and Stephen Jay Gould are included in this list. Physicist Carl Sagan openly defends marijuana use and chastises governments who restrict the public’s access to it.

In all of these instances, the common denominator would seem to be that a high-functioning scientific mind, which is naturally linear and mechanical in nature, has a taste for, and even a dependence on, experimentation. Whether or not this experimentation is necessary for the progression of brilliance or is just an indulgence of a quirk is unclear.